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Where can I park?

You may end your rental in any legal parking spot in the same ‘Dryve Parking Zone’ where you took your car from; Be sure that the vehicle does not need to be moved for any reason for at least 24 hours from when you park. You will not be able to end your rental if you are parked outside the ‘Dryve Parking Zone’.

When ending your rental, you may not park in: No Parking Zone; No Standing Zones; Money-metered zones; Commercial Standing Zones (this includes but is not limited to commercial vehicle loading zone, truck load and unload, food vehicle zones, reserved electric car spaces, or disabled parking zones, etc); parking spaces designated for special use; private facilities (ie: grocery store lots; apartment building parking lots, etc) valet zones; bus zones; etc.

Vehicles can be driven up to 110 miles from the Dryve office in Long Island City.