How do I create an account?
To start renting,  fill out our basic information form on our website or app. Once an account is created, you will be prompted to upload your DMV and TLC licenses, social security number, proof of address, and debit card.

That’s it! Within 1 day you can start renting a TLC car by the hour. 

What documents do I need to submit?
In order for your account and insurance coverage to be active, you must upload your DMV and TLC licenses, proof of address, debit card, and social security number into your account. 

How do I submit documents?
All documents can be submitted through our app. Just snap and upload an image of the required documents, and fill out the fields as prompted. 

How long will it take for my account to get approved?
It will take up to 1 business day for insurance approval. Please note that if insurance approval is denied for any reason, you will unfortunately be unable to rent vehicles with us. 

Which states do you accept DMV licenses from?
We accept licenses from NY, NJ, PA, and CT. For any other state, please contact the office. 

How long do I need to have my license before I can rent?
We accept drivers that have had a license for over 1 year. An international license or a non-American license can not be used to count towards this time. American licenses from outside New York can be used with a driving record. 

Can I sign up if I’ve been in an accident?
Well, that depends on the accident. Please submit the police report from the accident for the insurance company to review. 

Can I sign up if I have points on my license?
Yes! We accept drivers with points on their license. Restrictions may apply. 

Are there age restrictions for renting?
Celebrate your 21st birthday by booking a rental. Our minimum rental age is 21, so you’ll have to wait until then.

Can I make a reservation?
With hourly rentals, our vehicles change hands quickly. We are therefore unable to offer reservations made in advance. Don’t worry! We have a large fleet of cars available. Our app will show you the available cars closest to you. Reserve it and we will hold it for you for the next 45 minutes for you to travel to it and start your rental. 

Can I reserve a specific vehicle?
A specific vehicle is selected upon making a reservation. We will show you all the available vehicles in your area 45 minutes prior to the time you would like to begin driving. 

How do I upload my documents to a ridesharing app?
While creating a reservation on the Dryve app, there are checkboxes to let us know if you would like to have your documents uploaded to Uber, Lyft, or Via. Just check the boxes that apply to you and we’ll take care of the rest! 

While it is rare, Lyft and Via sometimes have a delay in processing. We are therefore unable to guarantee that your documents will be processed by the start of your rental. If this does occur, we are unable to issue rental refunds or credit.

We do guarantee that your documents will be processed by Uber (for active accounts) within 45 minutes, or we will refund any charges incurred during that delay. 

If you’re interested in driving for another company, please contact our support team to request the required documents. 

How do I know the hourly rate for the rental?
Each rental has the hourly rate listed clearly on the reservation page of the Dryve app. Rentals booked with a package are paid for at the time the package was purchased. If you are booking a rental with a package, you are not charged a rental fee again.
Please be aware that packages do not support all vehicle types. If your package doesn’t support your rental type, the rental fee will be charged to your primary payment method on file. 

If there are under 4 hours left in your package, an authorization is taken from your primary card on file. For any time above 4 hours that the vehicle is rented, the hourly rental fee will be charged to the primary payment method.

 The hours of your rental will be paid for using the prepaid package hours. Please note that even rentals booked with packages may incur additional fees such as EZ-Pass tolls, gas fees, tickets, or damages. 

How do I know where I can pick up and drop off the rental?
We’ll let you know! All available vehicles are shown on a map. After reserving a select vehicle, click for directions to the vehicle’s exact location. 

Rentals have three drop-off location types: free floating, exact spot, or radius. You can read more about this in the Parking Your Rental section. 

When does my rental time begin?
Rental time begins at the time the rental is “started” with a button on our app. The hours you rent will begin tracking from that time. 

Can I extend my rental once I start it?
There are two types of time limits on any Dryve rental. 

  1. When reserving a vehicle, the app will show a date and time that the rental must be returned by.
  2. When reserving a vehicle, the app will show the message, “Any time!”. These vehicles have no end times and can be returned at any point. 

When you choose a vehicle, it will be held for 45 minutes until you can reach the vehicle and start driving. After 45 minutes, the vehicle is no longer held and the reservation is automatically canceled.  

If a chosen vehicle is canceled or the rental isn’t started after 45 minutes, the car is no longer held and a $5 cancellation fee is charged to your account. For rentals booked with a package, a 30-minute cancellation fee is charged on the package. 

Mistakes do happen, which is why we give you 5 minutes after choosing a vehicle to cancel at no charge.

How do I get directions to the rental vehicle?
After booking a reservation, you will automatically be redirected to the “Inspect Your Vehicle” page. This is where you sign the rental contract and take a video of the vehicle before starting the rental.  Click on the location icon for directions to the vehicle’s exact location. 

What am I required to do before starting my rental?
Before starting a rental, you must review the condition of the vehicle and confirm there is no damage. If you notice any damage to the vehicle, you must contact us immediately to report it before starting the rental. You must provide us with video evidence of the vehicle. Please be sure to take a still image of any damage. Any damage not declared prior to the start of the rental will be assumed to be yours. 

In addition, please be sure to note the following:

  • Two license plates on the vehicle
  • 3 blue stickers in the windows of the vehicle (one on each passenger window; one on the windshield)
  • Any damage on the vehicle. Please submit photos to us.
  • Please check the tires, we do not cover flat tires that occur during a trip.
  • Please ensure the vehicle is clean and odorless. (Please submit a photo if it’s dirty)

How do I start a rental?
After selecting a vehicle of your choice and making a reservation, you will automatically be redirected to the “Inspect Your Vehicle” page. You will be required to inspect the vehicle for signs of damage and take a video of all four sides of the vehicle. In addition, you will be prompted to sign the rental contract agreement. After these steps are accomplished, it’s as simple as pressing “Start Your Rental”! 

Where can I find the vehicle key?
The key is located in a designated key holder in the glove compartment. For vehicles that are push to start, it is not necessary to remove the key from the compartment before starting the vehicle. 

How much fuel should be in the tank when I begin my rental?
We rely on our customers to return the vehicle with as much gas as it was received. If a customer does not fill up a tank, a gas fee of $5/gallon is added to their account.

What am I required to do in order to end my rental?
Before ending your rental, be sure to do the following:

  1. Ensure you are parked in the correct return location 
  2. Be sure to check if the parking spot is legal for the next 24 hours
  3. Check for any personal items 
  4. Return the key to the key holder
  5. Take a video of all four sides of your vehicle 

Please note that you must take a video of the vehicle before ending the rental. This procedure is in place in the event that the following renter reports any damage to the vehicle, you may have proof of the vehicle’s condition. Videos are therefore required to be of high quality. In the event of deliberately poor video coverage, damage reported later will be liable to you.

If any damages occurred during your rental period, they must be reported before ending the rental. Failure to declare damage will result in a penalty as defined in the rental agreement contract.

Do I have to fill up the tank before ending my rental?
Yes! All vehicles must be returned with the same amount of gas as when the rental began. If this is not the case, a gas fee of $5/gallon will be charged to your account. 

If you return the rental with more gas than it was received with, please contact customer support with a receipt to receive a discount on your next rental. 
Please note that discounts are based on the gas readings of our in-vehicle technology. 

Do I have to clean the vehicle before ending the rental?
Please be sure to keep your rental vehicle tidy. There is a charge of up to $250 for any vehicle that is returned with an odor, animal hair, or garbage.  

Repeated reporting of excessively dirty or smelly returns may result in the deactivation of your account. 

Where should I park the vehicle during my rental?
During your rental, you can park your vehicle in any place that you would park your own private vehicle. Please note that you are responsible for any meter fees, ticket costs, or towing costs incurred during your rental. 

How far can I drive the rental vehicle?
Vehicles can be driven up to 110 miles from the Dryve office in Long Island City. Any rentals driven outside of this radius will incur a minimum fee of $250.

What kind of license do I need to rent with Dryve?
We are a TLC rental agency, so all drivers must carry both a DMV and TLC license. 

Can I add another driver to my rental?
We only support one driver per rental. Only the TLC driver who booked the rental may drive it. 

Where SHOULD I park the vehicle when ending a rental?
Rentals fall into three different categories for parking. An icon and information on the app will let you know which of the three categories your rental falls into. Here they are:

  1. Free Floating: These may be parked in any legal spot in any Dryve Parking Zone. Please do not park the vehicle in any spot where it must be moved within 24 hours.
  2. Exact Spot: You may be in luck! Certain vehicles have driveways or designated parking spots for you to return the vehicle to. No need to search for parking.
  3. Radius: Other vehicles must be parked within a certain radius from a specific address. Your app will indicate the acceptable parking area. Please do not park the vehicle in any spot where it must be moved within 24 hours.


Where SHOULD I NOT park the vehicle when the ending a rental?
You may not park in:

  • No Standing Zones
  • No Parking Zone: Money-metered zones
  • Commercial Standing Zones (this includes but is not limited to: commercial vehicle loading zone, truck load and unload, food vehicle zones, reserved electric car spaces, or disabled parking zones, etc)
  • Parking spaces designated for special use
  • Private facilities (ie: grocery store lots; apartment building parking lots, etc)
  • Valet zones, bus zones, etc.
  • You may not park in any reserved spots for car-sharing services such as Zipcar. 

You may not park in the above zones even if they are legal for the next 24 hours.

If your rented vehicle is towed or receives a ticket due to parking in one of the above spots, you are fully responsible for the ticket and/or towing, and any fees,  even if it is more than 24 hours since your rental has ended.

Does Dryve have a lost and found?
No. We are not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. Please be sure to double-check your vehicle for any personal items before ending your rental to ensure that you didn’t leave anything behind. 

What do I do with the car key?
Please be sure to return the key to key holder in the glove compartment. There is a penalty of up to $1,000 for failing to return the key to the vehicle.

How can I view my billing history?
Please log in to the app and open the history tab on the menu. You will be able to view a history of all of your rentals as well as any packages you may have purchased. You can open any rental to view an itemized receipt. When selecting a package you have purchased, you will be able to view all rentals booked using those package hours. 

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept debit cards. 

How do I pay for my rental?
Authorized holds for $60 and $15 are placed on your card when a vehicle is chosen and for every 8 hours after that while the rental is active. At the end of the first 8 hours, the rental fee is charged and a second hold is placed. This process repeats itself every 8 hours. 

The $15 hold is for EZ-Pass tolls, and may be charged up to 5 days after your rental ends. 

For rentals booked with a package, your debit card will be charged and the time the package was purchased. It is not charged again at the start of the rental.
Package rentals may still incur tolls and fees, which will be charged to your primary payment method on file. 

For rentals longer than one week, your card is charged in advance of each week.

What happens if I rent my hourly vehicle for longer than 8 hours?
An authorized hold is placed on your card at the start of your rental, and payment is processed every 8 hours. 

When do I get charged?
A hold is placed on your card at the start of your rental. Payment is processed every 8 hours. Packages and weekly rentals are charged in advance. Please note that other charges to your payment method on file can include EZ-Pass tolls, gas fees, tickets, or damages. These charges may be processed up to 3 weeks after your rental. 

How long does it take to get a refund?
Any refund will take 3-5 business days to appear on your debit card statement. 

What is an insurance surcharge?
If DMV records indicate insufficient driving experience (under 3 years) or excessive points on your license, a monthly fee of $20 will be charged to cover the extra cost of insurance.

Not to worry, if you rent 4 or more times a month, we will waive this fee as our way of saying thank you.

I am having trouble logging in. Is my account deactivated?
Uh oh. Contact our tech support 24/7 at 212.513.1358 and we’ll help get that sorted.

Please help me reset my password.
Not a problem! There is a password reset link right on the login page of our app. If you’re still having difficulty, please contact our tech support at 212.513.1358.

Does Dryve have a referral program?
Yes! If you refer a friend to Dryve, you will receive $5 off a rental every time your friend books one of their first 4 rentals. Your friend will get $5 off their first 4 rentals too! 

Please note that the discount will only be applied to your account when your friend books a rental, not when they sign up. 

Referral discounts can’t be applied to rentals booked with a package. 

Does Dryve have a damage waiver?
In the event that any damage is sustained to the vehicle during your rental, up to a $1,000 deductible will be charged to your account. 

For a nominal hourly fee, we will take responsibility for the cost of the deductible. This does not transfer from one rental to another. 

Please note that this policy does not cover damages incurred due to gross negligence.

Gross negligence includes but is not limited to:

  • The use of a cellular phone while driving
  • Driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
  • Driving under extreme exhaustion
  • Driving during extreme weather conditions
  • Ignoring any traffic laws such as: driving through a stop sign, ignoring road signage, speeding (particularly in pedestrian areas) and any other traffic laws of the local area.

PLEASE NOTE: If the visor is obstructing the vehicle camera at the time of the damages in question, this policy is void. 

What happens if I damage my vehicle during the rental?
Any damage sustained during a rental must be compiled in a police report. If no police report is filed, the full cost of the damage and loss of use will be charged to your account. 

If a police report is filed and no gross negligence has been found, a $1,000 deductible will be charged to your account.

If a police report is filed and gross negligence is found, the full cost of damage and loss of use will be charged to your account. 

If you have a damage waiver (this must be purchased before the start of the rental), and no gross negligence is found, no deductible is charged. 

What do I do if I get into an accident?
In the event of an accident during your rental period, you (the renter) are responsible to follow the guidelines below:

  • Call 911 and make a police report.
  • Take photos. Photos must include, but are not limited to:
    • The actual scene of the accident
    • Imaging from close up and panoramic views
    • The license plates of all cars involved in the accident 
    • The drivers’ licenses and insurance card of involved drivers, if possible
    • Street signs, if applicable
    • All obvious signs of damage to both vehicles;  both detailed and panoramic
    • 10 to 12 pictures of the accident
    • Call our office at 212.513.1358 to report the accident when it is safe to do so

Do I need a police report?
Yes! You are responsible to pick up the police report when it is available and bring it to the Dryve office within five (5) days of the accident. $1,000 will be charged to the driver immediately after the accident. Depending on the decision made by the INSURANCE company determining fault, some or all of the $1,000 may be returned.

What am I  responsible for in the event of an accident?
All renters must comply with all demands related to the accident as made by the Dryve Team, insurance companies, and our legal representative. This includes but is not limited to: speaking with our lawyer in person or over the phone; showing up in court; bringing the car to a professional adjuster.

If the police tow the vehicle, you are responsible for the cost of towing. 

If the vehicle needs towing after an accident, what do I do?
If a car is non-operational post accident, the car must be towed to Modern Auto. 

Please call our office at 212.513.1358 to arrange for towing. 

Is there any difference if I paid for a damage waiver?
Please note! The purchase of a damage waiver does not exempt you from complying with all of the above. If the above procedures are not followed, all insurance coverage (basic and extra) are void. If any Dryve accident policies are not complied with, you will be responsible for all damages and liability. This would include the cost of all damages in addition to the $1,000 deductible. 

What do I do if I get a ticket during my rental?
All tickets incurred during your rental are your responsibility. We will charge your account for any such tickets. 

We are not able to dispute tickets.

Disclaimer regarding bus zone violation tickets:
As of October 18, 2019, the NYC Department of Finance has made changes to bus zone violation ticket fines.

The fines are now based on the number of offenses.

First offense within a twelve-month period: $50
Second offense within a twelve-month period: $100
Third offense within a twelve-month period: $150
Fourth offense within a twelve-month period: $200
Each subsequent offense within a twelve-month period: $250

Please note that offenses are recorded based on the vehicle license plate, not driver’s license. Therefore, if you receive a ticket for driving in a bus lane, even if it’s your first personal offense, previous tickets on the vehicle may result in the fine being $250.
Please bear this in mind and be extra careful to avoid driving in a bus lane.

What happens if I get a flat tire?
We know, it’s no fun. 

Please call our office for roadside assistance and we will dispatch assistance as soon as possible. Please note that roadside assistance is unable to go to certain roads and areas. 

If roadside assistance is unable to help you, or you do not require the assistance, you can also change the tire using the extra tire located in the vehicle. 

Unfortunately, flat tires are a fact of life when it comes to driving, and, as driver, you are responsible for a flat tire that occurs during the trip. In addition, you are responsible for any related damage that may result from that flat or damaged tire. 

However, you are not held financially responsible for replacing the tire if it has been professionally documented that the flat is the result of a tire that was either:

  • Defective
  • Subject to excessive wear, to the point that it was unsafe for use at the start of the drive
  • With a tread depth less than 2/32th of an inch
  • Subject to dry rot
  • More than 68 months old

What do I do if my long-term rental needs maintenance?
For rentals longer than one week, please take the vehicle to Modern Auto in Queens, located at 2725 21st St, Astoria, NY 11102.

What do I do if my hourly rental needs maintenance?
For hourly rentals, please contact our support team to report an unsafe maintenance issue with your vehicle.

If your vehicle is unsafe to drive, we will do our best to match you with another available vehicle nearby. 


What happens if my account has unpaid fees?
If there are any outstanding or unresolved payments, Dryve reserves the right to deactivate your account. 

If I drive for over 40 hours a week, is there some type of discount I can get?
Yes! Dryve Packages can be purchased on the app. Packages are hours that are prepaid at a lower rate. 

Can my rental package be canceled?
All package purchases are final. We are unable to offer any refunds on package sales. 

Can Dryve cancel my rental package?
Yes. In the event that a renter has unpaid tickets or EZ-Pass tolls, we reserve the right to cancel the remaining hours on their package.

Do Dryve cars have EZ-Pass?
For your convenience, all Dryve Cars have an EZ-Pass tag mounted on the windshield. There is no daily fee for using the EZ-Pass.

For each toll processed through the EZ-Pass, there is a $0.50 processing fee in addition to the cost of the toll itself, charged to the card on file. 

Please note: the EZ-Pass is registered to the plate on the vehicle, and the toll will be charged to the vehicle even if removed from it. 

Can I smoke in the car?
All Dryve rentals are 100% smoke-free. Smoking in the vehicle can result in a $250 cleaning fee and possible deactivation of your account. 

How do I rent a vehicle for a week or longer?
Please call our office at 212.513.1358 to speak to a Dryve team member.

Here’s a disclaimer:
Repossession of any Dryve vehicle at any time, for any reason,  will be at the expense of the renter.
We also reserve the right to deactivate any account at any time. 

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